Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Week........

Well, it's Sunday night. I made it through another week. lol. Last Friday, my good friend Amanda and I took our kids out for a much needed play date. Her daughter is about 1 1/2 months older than Jaylin, and they get along great! We took them to a fenced in play area, and let them play, and then took a few photos. They are absoluetely adorable together, and have a lot of fun together. They go to different schools, so it's hard for them to get together too often. I took some old books that Drew had, and just started taking photos. Of course, the kids are only 7 years old, so we have to really hound them about taking pictures. lol. But they did really good, and they had a lot of fun. Here 2 of the photos they took :

Jaylin and Katie

Aren't they adorable!??! Katie's Mom and I have known eachother since kindergarten, so when the kids get together, we get to catch up and have "Mommy Time". :) It's always a lot of fun watching these 2 play, and getting to spend some time with such a great friend of mine. :)

Then, on Sunday, we went to my Mamma's house. We try to go every weekend, but between the weather changing from minute to minute, a horrible stomach bug that took over our house 2 weeks ago, Drew getting randomly called into work, and being completely exhausted from the week of non-stop torture my kids dish out for me, it's kinda hard. lol. But anyways, on the way up there last Sunday, we decided to try to find the old home place that my Mamma's parents lived in. And we found it! Everything was still pretty much intact, minus a few windows that had been busted by idiots that thought there was something of value inside the house. And I started to remember bits and pieces from the times I had been there. The old outhouse was still standing, the old well was still there, everything. It was gorgeous with the sea of wheat in the fields in front of the house! We will definantly be going back to take a few more pictures. ;) Here is the house as it looks today.........

Ma & Pa Stamps' House

Basically, the rest of last week was uneventful after Sunday..... UNTIL yesterday!! :) Yesterday was my son's last basketball game. :( I am going to miss seeing him every weekend on the court, scoring points, and just having fun. Upwards Basketball is one of the greatest things ever for kids! There is no scoring, (although, we do try to keep up with the points ourselves... lol) And after every game, and every practice, the kids meet up with their team and coaches where the coaches talk to each child about how well they did, and the kids get stars that we sew onto their shirt, based on the best defense, best offense, most Christ-like, good sportsmanship, and so on. Each kid is awarded a star, and praised on how well they did. It is a truly amazing program! Here is a memory from the last game :)

That's Jaylin with the ball, #11

And then, after the game, since my Sister and my Mom were in town, I decided to kidnap my Sister, and go out to take some pictures. She is truly a wonderful person to photograph. She knows how to pose, her expressions are always perfect, and of course, since she's my sister, I get a chance to aggrevate her a little, and we get to spend some "Sister time" together. I had a blast! The weather was great, the location was great, everything. And I took Drew with us, so we could get some pictures of she and I together. We had a great weekend, and hopefully there are many more wonderful photo sessions to come. :)

Olivia and I

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