Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is here!!!

After an extremely rough start to our weekend, somehow we managed to pick up the pieces and have fun Saturday and Sunday. Although, we may have picked the pieces up for now, the edges are in no way glued together, so I wouldn't be suprised if everything falls apart again. Just hopefully not for a while.

So Saturday, we got a chance to head to my Mom's house. She lives about an hour away from us, so it's hard to get everything set up to take a day and just head out of town. But we finally got the chance. We went, mainly to do some things around the house for her. She had been digging a pond in her back yard last year or so, and never got past the digging part. lol. No liner, no pump, and of course, no fish. So our plan was actually to go and help her finish it. But, of course, with lovely Tennessee Spring weather, the "pond" was full of rain water, and there was no way for us to finish the digging around the edges, and shaping of the pond. So that plan was quickly shut down. So, we all decided to go shopping for a little while, then grab a bite to eat. After we were done having fun, my Mom had a house to show (She's a Real Estate Agent) so Drew and I took it upon ourselves to suprise her, and do some yardwork, since we couldn't do the pond. We raked, shoveled, cut tree limbs, moved deck furniture around, everything. And I have to say, we did pretty good for an hours worth of work! We let the kids help us put limbs and leaves into barrels, and just spent some family time in the yard. :) Then, when my Mom got home, Drew decided to mow her front and side yard for her. And he did an awesome job! I was so proud of him for helping my Mom out like that. Thank you honey!!! And while we were working around the yard, the kids took play breaks, and here are a few photos I took of them. :)

Adorable! :)

So today, even though we were still tired from the trip yesterday, we went to my Mamma's. We hadn't been in about 5 weeks... not because we don't want to go, but the weather is something we have been battling since the beginning of winter! My Mamma (My Dad's Mom) only lives 1 town away, maybe a 15 minute drive, but it's on a mountain. So the weather there is always colder, has more rain, more snow, all that wonderful weather stuff. But the weather today was beautiful! Nice and sunny, about 75*, and just perfect! And, my Mamma always has gorgeous flowers all over her yard! All of the tulips, and buttercups were in full bloom and beautiful! Here is a couple of pictures I took of some of them today.....

Gorgeous!! I love Spring!!
So that was our weekend. :) Hopefully soon I can get a few photo sessions lined up. I have a few people that are wanting photos done, of course, right now everyone is trying to figure out work schedules, after school times schedules, and all that. And I have one newborn baby I am going to try to photograph soon too! :) Hopefully sometime this week. I got some of the cutest props to use in his photos!! But, you'll have to keep checking back to see the photos, and the props I use. And I plan on making a trip out shopping for some more props this week. A cousin of mine has 3 adorable children, and if I get to do their photos, I have lots of ideas!!! I can't wait!!

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